Recurrent Headaches and Gluten

A quick post to pass on information from another blog about recurrent headaches and gluten.

My colleague Wendy Bottrell has an excellent blog about gluten-free living  that I’ve recently started following.

Today I read her post which included a very informative video entitled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gluten”.

Recurrent Headaches and Gluten

It’s an excellent blog and the snippet of information from today’s post that I wanted to share with you – to encourage you to watch the whole video – is this:

The connection between headaches, gluten consumption and dead brain tissue – New study “Should we be concerned about Gluten”  Source

Research has confirmed that for some people who have recurrent headaches, it’s worth trying a gluten-free diet to see if your symptoms improve.

This ties in with information I give out in my free ecourse on unusual migraine triggers showing the top foods likely to cause migraine.  It’s not giving any secrets away to say that one of the top food intolerances related to migraine is wheat.  But do register free for the ecourse to learn about the others!

What is Gluten?

Gluten is the protein found in cereal grains, particularly wheat, that gives  dough its elastic texture. If you want a more detailed explanation, here it is! Click here to learn: What is gluten?

I’m certainly not saying that gluten must be at the root of recurrent headaches, just that if you haven’t had any luck with curing them yet, it’s well worth trying a gluten-free period to see if your symptoms improve.  This needs to be carefully planned, because if you look closely at the content of your food you’ll find that gluten gets everywhere!

There’s lots I could say about a gluten-free diet, but why repeat what Wendy has said?  So I encourage you to click over to her blog, watch the video, and download some of the resources you’ll find there to learn more about a gluten-free diet.

If anyone reading this IS gluten intolerant, or has found that their headaches improved when they cut out gluten please share your experiences.  This will help to encourage readers considering whether gluten exclusion would be a worth-while experiment for anyone suffering migraine or recurrent headaches.