What Are Rebound Headaches

questions-e-cropped.jpgI have been asked “what are rebound headaches”. These are also known as medication overuse headaches and may occur if you repeatedly use medication to try and treat your migraine headaches. (Sometimes it can occur with excess caffeine.)

How To Prevent Rebound Headaches

Here are some suggestions to help:

1) Consult a pharmacist or your medical practitioner and discuss with him or her the medication you are using, whether it is prescribed or not. He/She should be able to advise as to whether it is safe to stop, or whether you should just reduce the medication gradually. Do not stop or change prescribed medicines without the advice of your doctor.

2) Instead of immediately reaching for medication to stop your migraine, try a natural approach – for instance those recommended in my ebook Natural Migraine Alternative

3) Use relaxation or stress reduction techniques. Try massages to reduce tension headaches.

3) Reduce your stress levels.

Applying the three tips above can help prevent or even eliminate rebound headaches.