Migraine and Salt?

Sea saltThis has turned out to be one of my most viewed posts – it works for me time and time again. And if I do get a migraine, which is unusual now, this is the tip I try first – even though it’s not something I would actually recommend.

The article, published with permission, includes a rather controversial suggestion of ‘salt’ consumption as a migraine abortive. It was new to me at the time, although I had sometimes noticed cravings for savory food when an attack is pending or in progress.

Over a few months I’ve eaten tried a salty food (e.g. peanuts) when migraines threatened and have had much success, so it’s something you may like to try.

Obviously too much salt can be dangerous – so moderation is the key word here! Also, you should bear in mind that everyone is different and what works as a “Treatment” for some people could be a trigger for others.

If you do try the “salt tip”, rather than using salty snacks that you know are “unhealthy” consider using the natural sea salt products you can find, from Amazon, at the bottom of this article.

I wish to make it clear that this blog post and the comments that follow it reflect the experiences of my readers, NOT my advice. My preferred advice for a migraine client is to first consult their own medically qualified doctor to eliminate serious health conditions, and if the migraines are not helped by his or her advice, to have a Mineral Analysis test, which will give them a scientifically validated report showing mineral deficiencies, excesses and imbalances. I then encourage clients to take this report to their normal medical practitioner for discussion. You can read about the reliability of Hair Mineral Analysis and the laboratory I use by clicking HERE.

The full article about salt and migraine is included below, but I’d be most interested to hear from anyone who has success with the salt method!

Migraine Home Remedy – Migraine Headache Symptom Relief Ideas

by Dee Cohen

Sometimes a migraine can be treated without a person having to resort to prescribed or over the counter medicines. In this article we will look at some migraine home remedy treatments that you may wish to try in place of traditional western medicines. Such treatments are commonly known as alternative medicines and migraine home remedies are not made up of complex chemical compounds but rather are based on common sense and know how.

One of the most inexpensive forms of treating a migraine at home is the ice wrap. The types you can buy in your drugstore are meant to be placed on either the forehead or neck of the victim but you can easily produce one of these at home. What you need to do is get a towel and wet it liberally then squeeze (but do not wring out) some of the water. Next fold the towel until you can easily place it in your freezer and leave it for about 5 minutes or until the towel has begun to stiffen. Unfold it and then refold it and placing the frozen sections in the middle and the wet parts of the towel to the outside. Once the towel has become reasonably frozen then place it around your head and eyes. For some this offers migraine headache symptom relief.

Some people have found salt consumption can abort a migraine. If you feel a migraine beginning to start then eat a pack of corn chips (Fritos are good) or get some fries and add some salt (or any other type of salty food) as these will help to calm a migraine attack. Although sometimes this method may not work it can provide you with a period of time in order to prepare the frozen towel treatment.

It’s not often we’re told to eat salt! But this is a popular migraine home remedy and there are people who claim migraine headache symptom solutions from it.

The next migraine home remedy treatment we will look at for a migraine will need the assistance of another person. What you need to do is go into a quietened dark room and relax as someone massages your scalp for you. They should massage your head and not your temples and 10 minutes of this treatment should do the trick. See how it works for you and if it offers migraine headache symptom help.

However a great way of relieving a migraine is to prevent it and so closely scrutinise your lifestyle and see what could be causing your migraines. It may be a certain food you are eating or because you have not had enough sleep. Whilst others find that bright or flashing lights, loud noise or stress can cause a migraine attack. By defining what is causing your migraine attacks will go a long way to helping controlling and relieving them in the future.

As you can see there are plenty of migraine home remedy treatments to choose from and it’s best to find what’s suited for you.

Dee Cohen is a writer and publisher of health topics. Stop by Alternative Herbal Medicine [http://www.compactcarry.com/alternative-herbal-medicine.html] for tips to improve health that are very effective at [http://www.compactcarry.com/alternative-herbal-medicine.html]

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I repeat: as a nutritionist, my advice to migraine sufferers is, first consult your doctor to rule out serious illness, and if he/she cannot help, take a scientifically validated Hair Mineral Analysis test to assess your bodily mineral balance and discuss the results with your medical practitioner.

If you, like the many people who have commented on this article, find that salt helps relieve or abort your migraine attacks, do remember that natural sea salt is a far better way to get your salt fix than a bag of ordinary crisps! You may like to explore some of these items, supplied by Amazon.

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