Migraine and Reiki

Ever interested in learning something new, I was pleased to receive this message from Lara.

Lara says:

I have suffered from migraines for over a year now. I’ve been to many doctors, specialists, tests, medicines, massage, websites, articles, etc all trying to heal myself.

My new method of trying to heal it is with Reiki. It has been the most pleasant healing process and most effective. I am not attuned to energy healing myself (yet) so I contact healer friends when I have an attack and they are always so happy to send healing energy my way with distance healing.

I woke up this morning and found your blog and knew I had to share my story. Just last night, 3am, I woke up with a migraine I had been trying to shake off for over a day. I went to my computer & emailed everyone I knew to send me healing. I was desperate as the migraine was reaching the point of severe pain & I was desperate for relief.

I sent the email and as I went back to sleep I felt great energy surround me, strong energy, very peaceful & soothing. I woke up this morning and my migraine is completely GONE. I feel 100% myself again. I’m so grateful to have found a source of relief. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It has turned my pain around completely.

Although, I still get these migraines, since starting Reiki as a healing treatment, there have been fewer attacks (as I use to get them 1 or 2 a month) & the pain is weakened significantly.

I’m so so grateful and look forward to the day of when I am attuned to help heal myself and others.

Jessica Miller is who demonstrated Reiki for me & who really informed me about energy healing…

Thanks for sharing your story, Lara.  Please keep us posted on your progress.