Migraine and Oil Pulling

One of the main aims of this blog is to bring readers new information, beyond that covered in my ebook.

I’d very much like anyone who tries, or has tried, anything I post about, to add their comments.

Here’s a new, and very unusual, therapy I read about the other day. Oil Pulling. A business colleague was very enthusiastic in telling me it had worked for his long-term migraines, and provided significant other health and well-being benefits too.

It’s always good to learn of something new that others have found helpful, so head on over to the Oil Pulling website, to learn more.

A quick Google of Oil Pulling found lots more information and, without going through it all I only found one “debunking” article. (Plus a warning NOT to gargle with it.)

As with much of complementary therapy, what works for one person will not work for another – so this could be something that will help your migraines – or other health conditions. Not something I’ve tried myself, but if YOU try it, please add your comment.