Headaches And Alcohol Abuse: Vital Facts Worth Learning

Alcoholism is one kind of societal dilemma that ruined the lives of millions of alcoholics in different nations across the globe. Usually, alcoholics resorted to alcohol to escape from their problems, to have fun, to bond with friends and colleagues and to relieve the stress. However, not all of them are aware of the harmful effects of alcohol consumption on their health. One common side-effect of alcoholism is headache or migraine.

Ingestion of alcoholic beverages is already part the lives of millions of individuals. Most often, alcoholic drinks like wine, beer or rum are commonly seen in parties, get-togethers and other special events. Good for those who consume alcoholic drinks only in special events but some individuals have alcohol-related problems due to controllable ingestion of these drinks. Some even experienced broken marriages, faulty relations with friends and family members, problematic jobs and health related issues. Because of the increasing cases of alcoholism in society, myriad treatment centers and special alcoholism programs are created to help alcoholics recover from alcoholism like California rehabitation centers, inpatient alcohol rehab centers, holistic treatment, private treatment clinics and many more.

Definition of alcoholism and its effects

Alcoholism is characterized by the inability of an individual to control their craving for alcoholic beverages. It is a pattern of alcoholic ingestion where individuals take alcoholic beverages longer than they planned. It is considered as a social disease and is known as the third psychological illness worldwide.

Results of studies reveal that twenty percent of men and ten percent of women are alcoholics. Researchers found that persons who are depressed and have mood affective and anxiety disorders are at risk of becoming alcoholics because they turned to drinking alcoholic drinks to escape from their problems. Studies also reveal that physical violence and sexual abuse victims are also at risk of becoming alcoholics.

When a person is already used to ingesting alcohol, they usually become dependent and experienced withdrawal symptoms if they failed to drink alcohol such as headaches, anxiety, sweating, vomiting, insomnia and loss of appetite. Since these symptoms are dangerous and detrimental to their health, they need immediate medical attention or they should be taken to health facilities to avail expert treatment services and alcoholism programs such as inpatient alcoholism rehab program.

Headaches caused by long-term alcohol abuse

Headache is one of the common side effects of alcoholism. This usually occurs after ingesting alcoholic drinks and when alcoholics experienced hang-over. Regardless of the frequency and the duration of alcohol ingestion, headaches occur to everyone who ingests alcoholic beverages. However, majority of alcoholics keep ingesting alcohol to alleviate the headaches and other side effects they experienced. Normally, headaches and other associated side effects arise when traces of alcohol in their bodies wear off.

Chemical composition of alcoholic drinks that cause headaches

Aside from the fact that alcohol ingestion alters the brain metabolism of an individual, alcoholic beverages also contain chemical properties that induce headaches like congeners and sulfites. Congeners are incorporated to alcoholic drinks to add flavor, while sulfites are used to lengthen the shelf life of these drinks.

Treatment of headaches

Headaches and migraines caused by alcoholic ingestion can be treated by ingesting black coffee or cola. It can also be treated by eating raw eggs and taking hangover remedies sold in drugstores.