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Stop the migraine madness!

There is NO NEED to keep popping pills, and suffering agonies. You have found the right place to download not just ONE, but over ONE HUNDRED PAGES of drug-free, simple, natural, complementary and alternative therapy solutions and home remedies to bring relief from the tyranny of your migraines.

FROM: JoyHealey (BA(OU), Dip.ION), Nutritionist and Health-writer

Welcome Migraine Sufferer

I know what you're going through! I suffered migraines for over THIRTY years. They were largely caused by working well into the small hours, fuelled by coffee, chocolate and adrenaline to hit looming deadlines and budgets. Now, life is still hectic and still includes my favourite foods - but the relief of being 99% migraine-free is immeasurable. How did this happen? Read on to find out.

How many of these statements can you identify with?

  • Pulsating headaches, pounding pain, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances
  • Sheer agony - lasting for hours, sometimes days
  • Even when the pain has subsided, you're left feeling drained and exhausted
  • Your life is out of your control, because you never know when a throbbing migraine or tension head-ache will strike again, disrupting your plans, and the plans of those around you
  • Ruined family occasions strain relationships at home
  • Missed deadlines at work can damage career prospects
  • Family, friends and colleagues offer sympathy, but just don't understand what you're going through
  • Only YOU can fully appreciate the symptoms and pain you endure
  • Yet you fear the consequences of pill-popping
  • What are the risks of drug side-effects and interactions?
  • In any case, you've had little or no success with conventional drugs
  • You wonder what to try next

And even while you're wracked with pain and misery, you can't help but worry how this terrible affliction impacts others in your life.

At home, however sympathetic your family and friends try to be, it's unlikely they truly understand what you're going through when yet another migraine or headache intervenes. It may be a special outing that has to be cancelled, or is ruined because you can't fully take part. Or perhaps the relentless effect of repeated headaches just casts a gloom over day-to-day activities.

At work, legislation is supposed to protect you from discrimination because of illness (which is, after all, what migraine is). But can legislation actually change what your colleagues are thinking and how they act? Does anyone really believe how much you are suffering? Even if you don't take days off, your work quality and output suffers – which may cause a vicious circle of even more stress and repeated migraines. You may never know how your career has been damaged.

It's not your fault. I've been where you are now, and felt your despair. For help with migraine and tension-type headaches, you're at the right place. The answer to your search for a migraine-free future is within your reach.

Suffer no longer. Click below for immediate download of "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" …. before your next migraine strikes.

Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy

Other therapists typically approach migraine from one angle – their own therapy.

But because your migraine is not the same as anyone else's, "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" doesn't just present a single solution. It introduces you to an exciting range of drug-free, natural, alternative ways to be free from migraine for life.

Why should you believe I can help, when so many others have failed?

Not just one, but THREE reasons why you can believe me

Reason One: As a previous migraine sufferer I understand your suffering. My own migraines were caused by regularly working until the wee-small hours, fuelled by coffee, chocolate and adrenaline to hit looming deadlines and budgets. Now, life is still hectic and still includes my favourite foods - but the relief of being 99% migraine-free is immeasurable. How did this happen?

When conventional medicine failed to provide answers or relief I looked further afield, even changing career to find relief. That wasn't easy. It took time, money, dedication and dogged determination.

Reason Two: To answer my migraine questions I changed my career and retrained as a nutritional therapist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (London, UK). Studying for three years under Patrick Holford and many other highly-esteemed experts, I researched nutrition and the science of healthy living.

My specialist final year subject for was, of course, migraine and tension head-aches . Obviously that's too broad a subject to cover in one year, so that year's research focused on links between migraine and one mineral.

YOU don't need to take such drastic action. I did the hard work studying so YOU don't have to.

Download my book for immediate access to tips and tricks to help you beat those migraines.

Reason Three: My nutritional research was published in an earlier edition of this book: "Banish Migraine the Nutritional Way"(2004).

But that was only one approach to what is, after all, a multi-factorial problem. So, not content to leave it at that, my revised road-map to your pain-free future includes a whole host of new drug-free, natural, alternatives to conquering migraines.

You can now read "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" , the updated version of that book, to bring you a far wider range of home-remedies in one low-cost package. It condenses into one convenient source, the knowledge of even more professionally qualified complementary therapists.

Because I understand your suffering, here's my promise to you:

"Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" presents:

  • A one-stop, multi-disciplinary approach to migraine relief. Save time researching different therapies - use that time to do things you enjoy
  • The one-stop, multi-disciplinary approach prevents you from wasting money buying book after book – instead you can spend your money on things you enjoy
  • Natural, drug-free, home-remedies that free you from concerns about medication over-use and side-effects
  • Specially commissioned, in-depth information on alternative solutions from professionally qualified therapists, not the same old food-intolerance clichés you've heard 100 times before: "Give up coffee, red wine and chocolate" was the first thing I tried (which had little effect).
  • Revolutionary new techniques and products you may not even have heard of are bringing fresh hope and relief to thousands of other sufferers – join those "in the know"
  • Discover my secret weapon for a good night's sleep, even if a stray headache breaks through
  • Alarming information on the role modern technology could be playing in your migraines. The problem is more wide-spread than vague mobile/cell phone concerns you may have come across before. Learn how to protect you and your family.
  • Learn how migraine can respond to nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, herbs, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and many alternative approaches, in material specially commissioned to give you access to home remedy techniques from respected and highly qualified professionals
  • Improved quality of life when you're finally free of migraines and tension headaches
  • Simple, proven solutions to use for yourself to prevent your next migraine – so that:
    • You are pain free
    • You work effectively
    • You enjoy life to the full

In short - years of research compiled into one convenient sourcewhere you can learn about new, alternative approaches you may not have considered before.

What price do you put on your health and happiness?

Some would say that's an impossible and stupid question, but naming a figure lets you make one simple choice:

  • Buy this product and benefit from the information you'll read,
  • Or

  • Do nothing - just wait for your next migraine to strike.

What are your migraines currently costing you?

In simple monetary terms the price you're paying ranges from the trivial cost of purchasing pain-killers and medications, through to cancelled or spoiled social events, lost working days and right up to unquantifiable costs, such as damaged relationships and career prospects.

It's easy to evaluate lost working days per year, but how do you calculate the price tag on a spoiled family occasion or under-achieving in your career?

Furthermore, what you definitely can't put a price on is the emotional cost of seeing a hurt or disappointed loved one, distressed and frustrated by their inability to help you. What price can you put on a missed outing with your child, or elderly parent - possibly never to be repeated?

Look back to your last migraine

What pain did you feel? What inconvenience did it cause – to you and others? What were you unable to do?

How many times has that, or a similar scenario, been repeated?

If you could roll back the clock and prevent a migraine, how much would it be worth to you? $57? $77? What price the smile on a loved one's face?

When you're in the throes of a migraine, if someone said to you "Give me $17 and I'll make the misery go away" – Would you give them $17?

Would you willingly hand that trivial sum over each and every time a migraine struck you down? Would it be worth $17, just to feel normal again.

Suppose you had to pay $17 once only?

Because any ONE piece of information in my eBook could be the bridge that transports you from pain, nausea, misery and suffering to normality, good health and even vitality.

You can benefit from my years of migraine research and study for $17 – that's less than the price of a night out.

How can you afford NOT to take a look, even if all you were going to receive would be that one source of information?

Wait! Because I truly want you to become 100% migraine-free, I'm going to include far more than just the one eBook.

Migraine-banishing added bonuses to give you maximum value

To deliver the best possible service to you in your battle with migraine and tension headaches this package includes bonus information and money-saving discounts worth far more than the cost of the book, at no extra charge.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #1

  • Included in your package – the 60+ page findings from my year-long research project revealing the links between migraine and one particular mineral. Can you guess which one? Even if you're correct, this bonus eBook will save you hours comparing the scientific research and trial results.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #2

  • Included - 150+ page eBook "Be Healthy With Yoga". In a world of hurry and stress you may feel that Yoga holds nothing for you and that the whole philosophy is remote, vague and impractical. Prepare to be surprised when you learn how the ancient system of Yoga provides an effective answer to modern life problems. Valuable to the whole family, the exercises targeting stress and headaches are an important alternative home-remedy.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #3

  • Added value with a 21-page eBook introducing an affordable and little-known test to unlock objective information on your health. Previous clients have been amazed at the accuracy of the findings.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #4

  • A free five-day email course on self-hypnosis, supported by audio sessions and worksheet download, shows the benefits of hypnosis.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #5

  • Support and tips to get started on right away, with monthly follow-ups
    • “Top-Twenty Stress Busting Tips”. Practical information you can put into operation on day 1.
    • Subscription to two monthly health and well-being newsletters crammed with fresh insights on natural, drug-free approaches to a healthier lifestyle. Designed to keep you on track in your healthier new life.

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #6

No need to spend another cent after taking delivery of "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" – it's packed with information and advice to take advantage of right away. But if you do try some of the excellent products and services you'll read about, there's a whole host of money-saving discounts for you:

  • Client discounts on a range of proven devices for migraine-relief / prevention with up to 90-day money-back guarantees
  • Life-time client discounts (for you and your family and friends) on supplements from house-hold names of nutritional suppliers

Migraine-banishing bonus extra #7

Although there's more than enough home-remedy information to 'go-it-alone', some people prefer to receive tailored and objective advice with support from a professionally qualified therapist. If this is you, call on any of the experts at your service (see About Us), check out their special offers for readers.

  • Special price on your personal homeopathic consultation
  • Discount on a test carried out by a federally licensed clinical laboratory providing in-depth analysis and a personally designed health program
  • Series booking price for stress and time-management consultations with an INLPTA trained coach (either online, by 'phone, or in-person)
  • Discounted on-line consultation with one of the UK's best-known nutritionists, for you and anyone you recommend

My Ten Year Education Is Yours, Risk-Free

For years I suffered all the pain, plus the financial and emotional costs, without finding answers. That wasn't good enough. There had to be something out there to help. The results of four years studying nutrition, migraine, and health coaching are waiting for you.

Continuing research into migraine prevention and cure have been my fascination and passion. The findings of over ten years of research and training can be yours for just $17 – and risk-free.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my 100%, iron-clad money-back guarantee.

I'm so confident you'll find new ideas to help you that I want you to feel free to take a full SIX months to try out as many of the strategies and ideas as you wish.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the level of information in my new product, just contact me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price , while still letting you keep the bonus products and offers listed below as a thank-you for trying this book.

Alternative, Natural, Migraine Relief - Yours In Minutes

For immediate online delivery of the comprehensive information in "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" and your other migraine-banishing bonuses, pay just $17 (+ your country's local tax) using PayPal's secure server. For your convenience, PayPal accepts credit or debit cards.

BUT HURRY – I've been price-testing the new package and this price will NOT be maintained! Sales and feedback so far prove it's worth far more, and this bumper compilation WILL be more expensive when my web-designers revisit these pages. Place your order today, to avoid a shock if you come back tomorrow.

Place Your 100% Risk-Free Order Now

Click below for immediate download of "Banish Migraine with Complementary Therapy" …. before your next migraine strikes.

To your pain-free future,

Joy Healey (BA(OU), Dip.Ion), Nutritionist and Health-Writer

PS If you pass up on this risk-free, fully guaranteed product – to save a mere $17 - next time you have a migraine you'll be wishing you'd taken advantage!